2018 Amateur Contest

2018 Amateur Competition

Amateur Competition – Saturday November 17th10:00am to 3:00pm
The Amateur competition is a mixed team/solo event intended as a venue for beginning or advanced amateurs and
is open to all levels except Masters and Professionals.

Saturday November 17th10:00am to 3:00pm
• Registration starts at 9:00am and ends at 9:45am
•Judging begins at 3:00pm sharp
• Award Ceremony 4:45pm

Amateur sculptors register at the front entrance to the event site (first-come, first-served basis).
Space is limited to 20 plots.
There is no online registration.
Only registered sculptors will be allowed into the event site prior to 10:00am.

• Solo Children Up to age 12
• Children Team (12 and under) (Maximum 6 per team)
• Families/Groups (maximum 6 per team)
• Businesses (maximum 6 per team)
• Solo 13 to 17 years
• Solo Adult above 18 years

• All work will be done using only the sand in your assigned, 10’ x 10’ plot. Nothing may be added to the sand except water.
• No power equipment, screw guns or machinery are allowed in your plot. No templates or molds are allowed when sculpting.
• No umbrellas or tents are allowed in the competition area.
• Only registered team members are allowed inside of your plot.
• All tools and personal items must not block spectator aisles.
• Absolutely no glue is allowed.
• Ours is a family-oriented event; the organizers, sponsors and public feel strongly that sculptures should not include anything that would commonly be considered offensive.
• Anyone working before the start time or after the stop time will be disqualified.
• All forms must be removed and all compacted sand must be sculpted or otherwise altered by hand once the forms are removed. Contest organizers reserve the right to disqualify any sculptures that are obviously unfinished.
• Only water and the sand from within the assigned plots may be used to create the sculptures. Only naturally occurring, and biodegradable items found on the beach that day such as seaweed and shells may be used for decoration. No artificial color, paint, flour, sugar cement or adhesives may be used.
• The decisions of the judges are final.
• The start time is 10:00am and the stop time is 3:00pm (5 hours’ total). Judging will begin promptly at 3:00.
• Contestants must provide all their own buckets and shovels, carving tools etc. Water will be available.

$15.00 per sculptor (entry fee includes one-day event pass)
Competing Children 12 and under; event entry fee only.

Parking “maybe” available at the host site however, parking fees will apply.
Sculptors are encouraged to park at Lovers Key and take the free bus.

• 1st – 3rd in each category

-744Days 00Hours -33Minutes -52Seconds