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Built entirely on pilings by the Army Corp of Engineers, the original building was named Snug Harbor and was originally built during World War II. With the nearby Buckingham Air Field, Fort Myers and Snug Harbor was a hot spot for military activity. The location has always been ideal. Eventually, during the 70s, Snug Harbor got to remove her uniform and get a total makeover into a brand new, full service restaurant. No longer perching on pilings, new docks were built beneath the building during the total transformation. For years diners came from all over the globe to enjoy the fresh, local fare.

But Mother Nature, as always, has the last word. In 2002, the owner was faced with hurricane issues, new environmental considerations as well as skyrocketing insurance costs of maintaining a building over water. It was decided the best course of events was a brand new building on dry land. Upon the site of the old fish dock parking lot now stands Nervous Nellie’s Crazy Waterfront Eatery.

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