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Sanibel resident Rob DeGennaro was part of a team that took over the Snug Harbor Waterfront Restaurant. Like the historic location Rob found himself inhabiting, he is also a local historic figure in his own time. He is part of a longstanding DeGennaro family tradition that includes involvement with many successful local eateries such as the Key Lime Bistro, Captiva Island Inn, Island Cow, RC Otters and Hungry Heron. The family has worked together, generation to generation, hand in hand, to collaterally create a movement of flavor that now defines this unique little corner of paradise.

And like many lovers of paradise, Rob is a lover of animals. “There is always a good reason to incorporate an animal into the scene,” he explains. “Take Nellie, for instance. She’s a completely neurotic pelican. Her eyes are falling out of her head and her feathers are falling off her body. She’s always here to remind us why we’re here and to keep on doing what we do. She encourages us to always look for the crazy good in everything.”

Between Nellie and all the many people who have passed through her doors, Rob explains how he feels lucky to be living the dream. And it is indeed dreamy in Rob’s world. He’s been doing things so very right. It’s obvious by how much goodness he puts out into the universe by how much goodness the people who visit his restaurant express about their experience. People come for the great drinks. They come for the crazy humungous menu. They come and bring their entire families, all ages. They come for the crazy fun music, entertainment and events. They come for the magnificent location and the views. They come for the world class people watching. But most of all they come because they’ve heard from word of mouth from locals and visitors from the around the world that Nervous Nellie’s Crazy Waterfront Eatery is THE place to go on Fort Myers Beach.

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